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Holiday Grand Fam Bundle PLUS Canvas Tote Bag - only $64 (Save $34!!)

$64.00 / On Sale

Includes all of the items from the "Holiday Grand Fam Bundle" PLUS the Big Face Canvas Tote Bag for only $9 extra, so you save a total of $34!!

Package Includes:

- 1 Autographed "All-American Boy" CD (sells for $20)
- 1 Big Face White T-Shirt (Sells for $25-$30) (SELECT SIZE)
- 1 Autographed 8x10** (Sells for $15) (**Indicate selection by typing in the letter that corresponds with the photo you'd like in the COMMENTS section AT CHECK OUT**)
- 1 Autographed 26" x 24" Poster A (Sells for $20)
- *PLUS* Big Face Canvas Tote Bag