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2020 Calendars LIMITED EDITION


IF YOU HAVE ALREADY ORDERED A CALENDAR, PLEASE NOTE: We have been totally overwhelmed by the number of orders that have come in these last 2 weeks (thank you so much for the support!!!) However, that also means it's taking a bit longer to mail all of these out. We have already sent out about half of the orders, but many still remain. We are trying to have the last of the calendars shipped out by approx. December 12. Thank you for your understanding and patience!

If you want your order PERSONALIZED, you must:

1. Choose one of the AUTOGRAPHED options in the drop down arrow below, and

2. Place your order BEFORE Dec 1, 2019, or AFTER April 9, 2020 (I will be living and performing in Puerto Vallarta then) If you place an order within that time and ask for personalization, it will not be personalized, and will be sent to you with just my signature (that I pre signed).

3. indicate to whom you want the order personalized to in the "comments" section at the end of your order. Write something like "Please personalize to...." so I know whose name to write.

If you just want your order AUTOGRAPHED by me without personalization, you can order ANYTIME as I will sign a bunch before I leave for Puerto Vallarta.

Thanks for your understanding and support! :D
- Steve

Whether you are looking for some fitness inspiration, the perfect Christmas gift for a friend, or just like looking at your favorite artist ;), start 2020 off right with one or BOTH of my 2020 Calendars.

Yes, I have TWO totally unique calendars this year! I just LOVED both of these shoots and wanted to share them with you. And, it's also the last Calendar I will be making in my 20's (yes, I turn 30 next year ;p).

There are 14 new, full resolution, full color photo prints that make up these limited edition, spiral bound 8.5" x 11" 2018 monthly calendars. The calendar has a total of 13 months starting with December 2019 - December 2020

Note - this year, there are 2 options for the calendars with 2 unique sets of photos by 2 different, very talented photographers:
- a VERTICAL CALENDAR (h: 11" x w: 8.5" w spiral binding on top) photographed by Anthony Kosinchuk in Ptown.
- a HORIZONTAL CALENDAR (h: 8.5" x w: 11" w spiral binding on top) photographed by Jason Stead in Puerto Vallarta

These are two very special places to me. As many of you know, I've been spending my last few summers performing in Ptown, and now this winter, I'm going back to Puerto Vallarta to perform for another winter (Dec - April).