Vinyl "not the end of me" - Double Vinyl LP

$35.00 - $60.00
Vinyl "not the end of me" - Double Vinyl LP

For the die-hard Steve Grand fan and music connoisseur, enjoy the retro experience of listening to Steve's sophomore album, "not the end of me," on pressed vinyl, in all its sonic warmth, specially remastered for Vinyl!

Autographed and PERSONALIZED options available!

Includes all 15 original tracks featured on the CD, specially remastered on 2 Vinyl Disks.

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- Steve


All songs written and recorded by: Steve Grand
All artwork by: Steve Grand

originally released: July 6th 2018

Purchase of the Double Vinyl LP includes:

(1) 2 12" vinyl disks inside the 4 sided vinyl jacket with full album artwork and all lyrics to the songs.

(2) a digital copy of the album through the email you provide at checkout. You will receive an email with a link to download a zip file of the MP3 digital files of the tracks. You will need to open this file on a computer, extract the file and then import it into your music player app of choice.

Buy the Vinyl LP and CD together and save!