Steve on Malibu Beach Posters

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Steve on Malibu Beach Posters

See me up close and in detail! ;p Photographed by the very talented William Dick on Malibu Beach, here are 2 shots that you can get of 2 different posters.

*please note: personalization of this item is not available at this time*; the AUTOGRAPHED posters are all hand signed by me

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Select the poster you want that corresponds with the letter on the sample image.

*NOTE* Size and dimension difference:
Poster K hangs HORIZONTALLY and is 24" x 36"
Poster J hangs VERTICALLY and is smaller, 24" x 18"

These same photos, plus 2 more just like them, are available on this site as high quality, signed 8x10 prints!

*NOTE* "AUTOGRAPHED really does mean that I hand sign and send to you :)
However, posters cannot be personalized at this time

Also, these are shipped in cardboard roles so there will be no creases :)