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Poster N 18x24" - NTEOM


PLEASE NOTE: I will be away, performing in Provincetown, MA , from June 26 to September 14, so I WILL NOT BE ABLE TO PERSONALIZE YOUR ORDERS WITHIN' THAT TIME. If you place an order within that time and ask for personalization, it will not be personalized, and will be sent to you with just my signature (that I pre signed).
You can still still get your order autographed by me (I signed a bunch of items before I left) but I CANNOT PERSONALIZE THEM (i.e write "to [your name] etc"

IF YOU WANT YOUR ORDER PERSONALIZED: You must say so in the "comments" section at the end of your order. Write something like "Please personalize to...." so I know whose name to write.

Again, If you want your order personalized, order BEFORE June 26, or AFTER September 14, otherwise it will be sent out without personalization.

Thanks for your understanding and support! :D
- Steve

Only 100 of these have been printed, so order yours fast!
They have all been autographed and numbered (1-100) by me.

The official "not the end of me" album poster!

Based off the artwork from the album cover designed by me,
the poster contains the names of all the songs written in my handwriting, as well as lyrics to some of the songs deep in the background.

Poster is 18" x 24" and is shipped, rolled up in a tube so it will have no folds :)