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9 8" x 10" High Quality Photo Prints Individually AUTOGRAPHED / PERSONALIZED by me!

*note: photo J, K, M & S are SOLD OUT*

To select which Photo Print(s) you would like:

(1) select the number of prints you want through the dropbox menu,

(2) At the end of your order, in the "notes" or "comments" field, indicate which prints you would like by entering in the Letter that corresponds with that photo.

If you want your order PERSONALIZED:

(1) At the end of your order, in the "notes" or "comments" field, indicate to whom you want the order personalized to. Please use quotations "" around the text you would like me to write on the photo. Example: "To [my biggest fan], love Steve Grand"

(2) understand that PERSONALIZED ORDERS can take UP TO 10 BUSINESS DAYS to ship since I have to make a special trip to personalize it to you by hand :)

If you forgot to indicate your choice of photo(s) and/or who you would like them personalized to, and have already completed checkout, please email us at [email protected] with your order number and/or full name (and the email you used to place your order) to specify which photo(s) you would like.

Thanks for your support, understanding, and patience! :D
- Steve

photography by: William Dick, Allan Spiers, and Mark Pollard

1 for $15
2 for $25
3 for $34
4 for $43
5 for $52
All 9 for $70